Past Reunions

We love reunions! And with many thanks to our class officers and awesome reunion committee, we have official and unofficial reunions on a regular basis. If you’ve attended some of these, we hope the pictures on the site will bring fond memories, if you’ve missed a few, we hope the pictures on the site will inspire you to attend our next reunion! Make sure to check out the Gallery section of photos from the Yearbook and other sources, and from reunion events.

Here are a few group photos from some of the more recent reunions., including this past September’s 45th Reunion! We will be adding to this page as we locate other group photos from earlier reunions, so check back now and then. And some of these photos were better organized than others in terms of getting people lined up — it depended on how late it was getting and how much liquor had been consumed prior to the picture!

45th Reunion (check out the Women photo vs. the Men, who follows the photographer’s instructions better??):

Ward 1970 45th Reunion
Ward 1970 Reunion - Women

Ward 1970 Reunion - Men

40th Reunion #1:

2010 Reunion

40th Reunion #2:


35th Reunion:

35th Class Reunion Photo

30th Reunion:

30th Class Reunion

25th Reunion:

25th Class Photo





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